Hypoglycemia Home Remedy

Low blood sugar levels can kill your Chihuahua, prepare yourself with this life saving information…

chihuahua health problems

As mentioned in the common health problems of Chihuahuas, Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is commonly found in small dogs. Because Chi’s are small, they do not have a sufficient supply of internal fat to maintain their constant blood sugar level.

chihuahua seizures

Feeding your Chihuahua meals on a regular basis is very important

Making sure that they are eating on a regular basis especially when they are puppies is very important. Not having enough food means the fat reserve in the Chihuahuas body is very little or depleted, so therefore the Chihuahuas body needs to turn to blood sugar to obtain the energy it needs. As Chi’s have low blood sugar in the first place – this can cause problems.

chihuahua health problems

Keep and eye on your Chihuahua

Keeping an eye their surroundings and general health is also important.  Stressful situations and illness can use up a lot of energy and there blood sugars drop.  Chihuahuas with Hypoglycemia experiencing stress and illness can trigger off symptoms such as;

  • Staggering
  • Unsteadiness
  • Weakness
  • Excessive shaking
chihuahua health problems

Home remedy – honey and jam

If you see these symptoms – you must act on them!  They can lead to your Chihuahua having a seizure and ultimately dying.  Always have honey or jam kept somewhere handy.  Having these items could save your Chihuahua’s life.  Honey and jam are sugar-based ingredients and quickly replace the sugar needed to give your Chihuahua an energy quick fix.

If your Chi is not eating or responding to the honey or jam – cover your fingertip with honey/jam and rub it in your dog’s gums.  This should remedy the situation.  However if your Chi has experienced a seizure or experiencing a seizure, please take him to a vet immediately after administrating the honey in his mouth.

Another item that every pet owner should have is Vitacal.  This supplement is perfect for giving your Chihuahua a quick energy boost when needed.  It also includes several B vitamins and antioxidant nutrients.  Vitacal is great for picky eaters or Chihuahuas who isn’t able to get their regular diet.

Chihuahua Health

The must do’s

So overall, make sure that your Chihuahua is eating a healthy regular diet! If your Chihuahua is left alone, fresh food needs to be available for him or her to access. Even add a drop of honey in their water for a small sugar kick.

If you see any of the symptoms of staggering, inactivity, or unsteadiness make sure you feed your Chihuahua honey or jam or ultimately seek a vet.

Please note that this information is just a guide and a simple remedy for your Chihuahua.  This remedy may not be the right one for your Chihuahua as some cases are more server than others.

Ultimately, seeking a Vets advice is high recommended with this condition.

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